What happens during an oral cancer screening, and why are they important?

Our dentists at Westwyn Dental LLC believe in providing patients with regular screenings to catch problems as early as possible. This is why biannual dental visits for an examination and cleaning are critical to one’s dental health. With the risk of oral cancer, early detection is vital, which is why routine screenings should be performed at each dental exam. Our Berwyn, Illinois, area dentists advise patients to be proactive in the early detection of mouth cancer with routine oral cancer exams.

What can I expect during my upcoming oral cancer screening?

During an oral cancer screening at our practice, our dentists visually examine your mouth and check for abnormalities or unusual growths. They also use specialized tools like a unique brush that collects cells from inside your mouth for further analysis. In some cases, they might recommend additional imaging tests if there are any areas of concern. These screenings are painless, quick, and can potentially save your life.

What are the risk factors for those who may develop oral cancer?

While anyone can develop oral cancer, certain lifestyle choices and habits can increase one’s potential risks. Tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, a diet low in fruits and vegetables, and prolonged exposure to the sun can all increase the likelihood of developing mouth cancer.

What can be done if oral cancer is found during the biopsy process?

Our dentists will advise patients if their test results are positive for cancerous cells. The next step is to develop a personalized treatment plan when this happens. This may include excision surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, depending on the severity and the stage at which the cancer is found. They work closely with you to determine the best course of action for your specific case and provide support throughout the entire treatment process.

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