How removable dentures can restore your smile

The team at Westwyn Dental LLC in Berwyn, Illinois, understands that there are situations that may arise in which tooth loss might occur. This is when we recommend that patients consider different dental prosthetics to achieve their desired results. This includes removable dentures.

What types of removable dentures are available at Westwyn Dental LLC?

Patients considering dental prosthetics may have questions about these teeth replacement options. We think it’s essential for patients to be open and flexible when considering their options, and that includes looking into removable dentures, whether they’re partial or complete dentures.

  • Removable partial dentures. Patients can replace one or more teeth in the same arch with removable partial dentures. This is done with a metal framework that snaps into place to hold the false teeth in their needed positions. These dentures are made of acrylic and cast metal supports, making them durable, long-lasting, and easy to adjust if needed.
  • Removable full dentures. Removable full dentures, or “complete” dentures, replace all the teeth in the upper or lower dental arch. These dental prosthetics are designed to look like natural teeth and restore function and beauty to the smile. In some instances, patients may be able to have their removable full dentures created into a fixed restoration if they choose to have implant-supported dentures with four to six implants placed along the arch to anchor them in place.

Am I a good candidate for dentures?

During a consultation visit with our dentists, patients will be evaluated to determine if they are a good fit for removable or fixed dentures. Other options, such as dental implants and dental bridges, may be discussed at this same appointment.

How do I learn more about my options for removable dentures near me?

Patients in and around the Berwyn, IL, community can ask our dental team at Westwyn Dental LLC about dentures and other tooth replacement choices. Call (708) 797-9377 to request a visit at our office.