Using dental sealants to protect the smile from cavitiesĀ 

Have you been told that dental sealants can help you maintain a healthier smile? At Westwyn Dental LLC in the community of Berwyn, Illinois, we often provide this preventative treatment for new and returning patients of all ages.

What are dental sealants?

A dental sealant is a protecting coating applied onto the surfaces of the back teeth to help prevent tooth decay and cavities. They are commonly used on the molars and the premolars, as these teeth have deep grooves and pits, which can be challenging to clean with regular brushing. These hard-to-reach areas are often where bacteria and food particles get trapped, leading to the development of tooth decay. Applying these dental coatings offers an extra layer of protection for healthier smiles!

How does a dental provider administer dental sealants?

The process of applying a dental sealant is fast and painless. The teeth to be sealed will be thoroughly cleaned and dried by your dental hygienist during your routine dental cleaning, which is called “prophylaxis.” Next, a solution will be applied to roughen the tooth’s surface to ensure the sealant bonds properly. The sealant is then painted onto the grooves of the teeth, and a special curing light is used to harden the sealant. The entire process can be completed in just one visit.

Who can benefit from dental sealants?

A dental sealant is most commonly recommended for children and teenagers, who are more prone to developing cavities due to their diet and difficulty with proper brushing techniques. However, even many adults can also benefit from dental sealants, so speaking to your dentist about this option is always recommended.

How do I learn more about dental sealants near me?

If you reside in Berwyn, IL, and want to talk to our dentists at Westwyn Dental LLC regarding your oral health needs and preventative care, we are always happy to discuss dental sealants and other treatment options with you. We believe in providing our patients with comprehensive, personalized care and educating them on the preventative measures available to maintain good oral hygiene. Call (708) 797-9377 to request a visit to the office and learn more about ways to care for your smile!